We’re in the book!

Crave Mpls/St. Paul Book Cover

So, you may or may not know about this great book series that has been published in major metro areas all over the world.   Places like Chicago, Seattle, LA, New York, Austin, Amsterdam and Vancouver to name a few.  CRAVE is all about celebrating and passionately supporting locally owned businesses and the very amazing businesses in this book are all women owned.  Yahoo!  CRAVE believes that when encouraged to thrive, neighborhood establishments enhance communities.  The places spotlighted in this book are all original and quirky and provide rich experiences not usually encountered in mass-market chains.

Darn knit Anyway certainly fits that bill!

Anyway…we are thrilled to be a part of this great book series.  There are 17 businesses represented in the St. Croix River Valley (Stillwater and Bayport).   We have proven that Stillwater isn’t all antiques.  We have amazing boutiques too.

Another cool thing is that the businesses are listed by area as well, so if you are heading to Linden Hills or Northeast or Uptown or Stillwater, you can check out the businesses listed for that area to make sure you don’t miss a great find.   There is also a section in the back of the book that has discounts for each business.  So, you can bring your book with you and get yourself a nice discount.  We love a discount.

The books are available at all the shops, restaurants and other businesses that appear in the book.  They are $20 and are so worth it.  You won’t be disappointed.  So, if you have a mom, sister or friend that loves to find unique places to shop and feels passionately about buying local…this just might be the gift for her.  Plus, you’ll get 20% off your purchase at Darn Knit Anyway.

Here is our page in the book.  Love that my friend Julie Kinney’s buttons got a photo!  They are so beautiful, she deserves it.

Our Crave Profile Page


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  2. Karen says:

    Nice spread! Great yarn, fabric, craft. Wonderful people.

  3. Chris White says:

    Great! I’ll have to get one for Dee.

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