January 18th, 2018

Wanna knit something SKOL?


Here’s your chance.


We made a chart that fits perfectly into our Wherever It Points Hat pattern.



Click here for the chart.





January 18th, 2018


We’re not really sure what to say. It’s been a weird week around here with our neighbor closing it’s doors. It’s melancholy. People have been wandering in while waiting for a table talking about how much Smalley’s meant to them. We get it.


We must have directed thousands of people to their front door. It became a standing joke. We ate more loaded mac and cheese than anyone should and celebrated milestones over a mojito. One or two people may have shared a kill devil before coming to knitting class.


A yarn shop was probably not the obvious choice to share a wall with a pirate bar, but it worked for 8 years and the pirate statue on the front patio had our back for much of it. Well, more like we had it’s back.


Cheers Smalley’s Caribbean Barbeque and Pirate Bar. You will be missed.


12 Days of DKA 2017

December 22nd, 2017



Twas 3 days before Christmas and all through the shop
People were asking for yarn, gift cards and stuff


We’d picked up all of your last minute stitches
And found the perfect yarn for for someone who itches.


We’d eaten Chicago Mix, Strawberries and lots of peppermints
You guys were so generous with your kind thank you gifts.


Everything was great, it was going so swell
It was fine until I heard Carly yell.


I ran to the classroom to check it out
Carly said there was something we had forgotten all about.


Our 12 Days of DKA was not on our list
And now we were 2 days before Christmas Day Bliss




Instead of a calm 12 day release
You’ll get them all now, all in one piece.


Here we go…get ready to shop
Here they all are, all in one pop.


On the ___ day of DKA my favorite yarn store offered me…


DKA T Shirts for $18 each
DKA Coffee Mugs $12 each (in store only)
DKA Tote Bags free with $50 purchase
MN Mittens and hats $20 each (in store only)
20% off Cable It Up Scarf Kits
20% off Wonderland Yarns
Self Striping Sock Yarn buy one get one 50% off (in store only)
20% off Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock
20% off Simplinatural by Hikoo
20% off Class Registration (doesn’t include sweater camp or building blocks)
20% off Sweet Georgia River Yarn
20% off Juniper Moon Farms Herriot


Next year we promise we’ll remember all 12 days
We won’t be in such a Christmas Cookie haze!


Happiest of Holidays to all of you!


While supplies last of course, some limitations apply and you can’t use any other discounts or coupons.

Small Biz Saturday

November 17th, 2017


If Black Friday shopping just isn’t for you, come see us on Small Business Saturday instead, Saturday, November 25th.


We have a fun day planned from 10am – 5pm.

  • “Love the Yarn You’re With” T Shirts 20% off all day.
  • Hikoo yarn 20% off all day (Simpliworsted, Simplicity, Simplinatural, Zumie, Rylie)
  • Spend $100 and get our new tote bag.
  • Double reward points all day.
  • 20% off class registration all day.

Celebrate the small businesses that make our communities unique.


There is no better place to shop on Small Business Saturday than Stillwater. With over 100 independent businesses, this is your small business headquarters:)


Toy stores, fashion boutiques, art galleries, natural soaps, pastas, jewelry, spices, teas, culinary wares, kids/baby clothes, outdoor gear, shoes, purses, cupcakes, vintage goods, candles, home decor, accent furniture, candy, stationery, books, Minnesota wine & beer, YARN – all this and more in Historic Downtown Stillwater!



Thanks for your support of independent businesses like ours.




Plaid Friday

November 17th, 2017

The season is upon us. If you haven’t started your holiday knitting/crocheting/spinning/weaving yet…you’d better get on it!


We’ll be closed on Thanksgiving to eat, drink and knit. We hope you enjoy a food and fun filled day wherever you hang your hat.


We’ll be back open at 9am on Friday for Our Plaid Friday sale and downtown door busters.


Here’s why you should make the trip to see us.


  • 20% off store wide from 9am – noon.
  • 20% off Berroco Yarns all day. Some of our favorite kits are Berroco Yarns – Cable it Up and Fidra Hat for example.
  • 20% off class registration all day. Our winter schedule will be ready for you.
  • For you evening shoppers, earn double rewards points between 4-7pm.
  • Buy $100 in gift cards get a free $10 gift card all day.

A few other fun things…


  • The first 20 people in the shop get to choose from a 20% off coupon for another visit OR a free class coupon!
  • Spend $100 and get one of our new awesome tote bags for FREE. (they will be available for sale too)

Hey you can catch a free ride on a horse drawn wagonette and catch Santa strolling around downtown too. Why not come visit?


Click here to see all the fun things going on for the holidays in Stillwater.


See you the day after Thanksgiving, Plaid Friday!

A few things to note:

  1. We can’t hold yarn for you. So if you have something on the hold shelf it won’t be included in this sale. That’s not fair;)
  2. We may not be able to wind your yarn immediately, our winder will be working overtime. So, you can be patient and wait for winding, or you can leave it for us and we can wind for you to pick up another day.
  3. You have to be nice. We can’t have crabby, overfed knitters, crocheters, weavers and spinners wandering around!

Amazon turns our smile upside down

November 15th, 2017


Amazon Smile. Oh Amazon.


Amazon Smile is a program through Amazon that gives a percentage of sales to a charitable organization that the shopper has designated. It’s been all over social media lately. You’ve probably seen something about it. I know a few of the charities that my family donates to has sent us information about it.


I’m not really sure how to talk about this issue. I don’t want to make an organization that has shared the program with their donors feel bad. Trust me, I understand how difficult it is for a non-profit to have a steady revenue stream and I don’t blame them for signing up.


But I do want to give my take on this as a small business owner.


At least once a week, I am asked for a donation to an event or group. A lot of the time I give and I am happy to give. I donate knitting classes or products or gift cards or cash money. The gift is a value of between $15 and 50 on average. Many times its more. If one of our customers is asking for a donation, I’ll typically give more.


If you have been to a local silent auction or fundraiser for someone in ill health, you’ll notice that most of the gifts were donated by local independent businesses. Local independent businesses give back. They support their community. When you shop in a local business the money is circulated back into your community. It’s a fact.


There is a direct impact in our community when you spend a dollar at a local business. That means some of the money you spend in my shop I’ll spend at other local businesses. For example, I pay a Stillwater printer to print our patterns, business cards and other stuff. Your money goes directly from my business to the printer, another local business. The local printer I use pays a local company to repair their equipment. That same dollar you spent with us has now made it through 3 local businesses. Not only that, but the money you spend at my shop helps pay my employees and they will spend some money locally. So when Carly uses her paycheck to buy delicious cheese at the Wedge & Wheel (cause we all know she does), that money continues to travel locally. And the cycle continues beautifully.


When you buy from Amazon…no money stays in our community, none.


Trust me. It’s easier. Just click and buy. I get it AND if you can give back while you shop, all the better right?


Let’s look at the real numbers here.


Let’s say you buy something at Amazon and direct your purchase through Amazon Smile to a local charitable organization. That organization gets .5% of your purchase. So, a $20 purchase gets that organization 10 cents. So you’ll need to spend $4,000 at Amazon to send your chosen organization $20. WHAT?


Amazon is brilliant, no denying it. Make no mistake, they are doing this to increase sales. Look at the free advertising they are getting from this charitable program. All the social media shares from all the organizations they are “partnering” with. And they get to claim tax-exempt status for the Smile Foundation. Tricky.


I’m not saying never shop at Amazon. I’m not saying don’t participate in Amazon Smile. I just hope that when you think about making a purchase you try shopping local and independent first. Businesses like mine are making donations to local charities every single day and I can guarantee it’s more than .5%.


Make a few purchases this holiday season at local independent businesses in your community. They’ll donate more to local charities directly. It will make you feel good.



You’ll smile:)






August 2nd, 2017


Today is the day, the day that we have been talking about for literally decades.


Our brand new St. Croix River Crossing opens and our 86 year old Stillwater Lift Bridge closes to car traffic. We are all so hopeful downtown. Hopeful that after living through years of construction and conversation about how terrible traffic is, the new crossing will make it easier for our customers to get downtown. I believe it will.


Eventually, we’ll have a walking and biking path on the old Stillwater Lift Bridge. So we’ll still be able to cross, it just won’t be in a car.


People are crossing the bridge for the last time. Traffic downtown has been particularly difficult. Everyone wants to get across in their cars one. last. time. I don’t blame them. I’ll drive my car across one last time in a few hours. Last night I headed home and cars were honking on the bridge. Saying goodbye with a honk I suppose?


It kind of feels silly to feel sad about it. I feel a bit silly writing it actually. But, we’ve been waiting so long. We talk about the bridge and the traffic it now causes every single day at the shop. We’ve been watching the bridge being built for years. Now it’s actually here and I have butterflies in my stomach.


I’m nervous. Change is hard.


I have a love hate relationship with this old bridge. I’ve crossed it 10,000 times in the 15 years I’ve lived in Wisconsin and countless times in my youth driving across to get to Wisconsin for things I shouldn’t write about:)


I was stopped a few mornings ago on my way to work for the lift. With the beautiful weather, my windows were rolled down. I started to feel a bit melancholy.


This bridge slows me down. That’s not a terrible thing I guess. I get 6-8 minutes to sit still. To put my elbow out the window, smell the river, watch the boats.


It’s going to be great to have a new bridge. We’ll all be able to get where we’re going faster. I believe it will be great for businesses downtown Stillwater, mine included.


I’m sure I’ll love it. But I’ll still miss crossing this one.


Makers’ League July

July 7th, 2017

Nothing better than easy knitting in July.


This project lets the yarn do all the work…well, you need to do some of the work.


Painted Mist Scarf is our July project.




The kit is 60+ yards in 9 colors of Painted Mist. Work the colors as you please! colors in each kit will vary slightly.


The patch is the super cute alpaca. awwwwweee!!



Click here for the kits.


9 Months and 12 Inches

June 6th, 2017

Kids finished school this week. 6th and 7th grades are behind us.


I took a pic of them the last day of school and then compared it to the first day of school.




I knew my son grew a bit this year…but wow!



Life is moving fast!


Hope the littles or not so littles, in your life have a great summer!


A Reenactment…

June 6th, 2017

A reenactment of the daily struggle for random passersby to find the entrance to Smalley’s.



Nope, the entrance to the pirate bar is not through the yarn store:)



Aimee’s Oscar nomination is forthcoming we’re sure.
Oh and don’t get us wrong…we love our friends at Smalley’s and we are happy to have anyone find our shop, even if they are just looking for good jerk bbq:)