To shred or not to shred

As I was doing our usual shop shredding the other day I got to thinking…do we really still need to shred? Now don’t get me wrong, I like to shred.  I find it satisfying to put in a piece of paper, hear the blades working and get a pile of tiny paper out.




But with cyber crime so prevalent these days, are people still digging through dumpsters to get at our bank statements? All a criminal needs to do is long onto a computer right? If a criminal still digging through a dumpster to get my credit card statement, he’s not a very modern criminal is he?
Heck the IRS was just hacked. The IRS!
I’ll keep shredding, because I like it, but do we really need to still shred?
These are deep thoughts I have when the yarn shop is slow:)


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  1. ks grandma says:

    I shred personal papers that are no longer necessary to keep. I also have cats and as cats will do, they use litter boxes that need ‘scooping’ every day. One way to cut down on the odor from the daily baggies of pooh-pooh is to put the shredded paper in the big black trash bag along with the other trash. The shredded paper cuts down on the odor in the trash bin until the truck comes every week.

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