Summer Break Begins

My kids started Summer break this week.  They are only 5 and 6, so summer break doesn’t mean a whole lot to them.  They’ll go to summer school everyday and we have a great high school babysitter that will pick them up and bring them home for an afternoon of play with the neighbor kids.  It’s a good life they lead really.


The only problem is that the sitter doesn’t start until next week.  Boo.  So…the kids hung out at the shop with me this afternoon.  My kids love the shop in small doses…a whole afternoon is way too long.   Let’s see…what did we do?


We messed with displays

We ate snacks on the patio

We colored at the counter

We watched Alvin and the Chipmunks on the big wall

We played in the grass next to the road. I watched from the window...they were safe:)

They walked down the sidewalk to see if the snow cone lady was there...she wasn't

Their Dad has them for the evening.  All in all a good day, although I think I’ll pawn them off on an unsuspecting neighbor tomorrow…don’t tell anyone.

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