She’s lost her knitting mojo

Jen’s lost her knitting mojo.
She’s working on that darn 12 in 12 sweater, Chambourcin, and has completely no desire to knit.  Not the 12 in 12, not a simple hat…not anything.
It’s working up beautifully though.

Chambourcin Mojo

Have you been there before?  Have you lost your knitting mojo?
I told her that fall is coming and she’d better find it:)

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3 Responses to “She’s lost her knitting mojo”

  1. Jessica Smith says:

    The loss of MoJo can be found with friends, food and wine. Make a party out of it. Invite friends over and have them bring 2 favorite stash items to show off. Sit around, eat, drink, knit, fondle the yarn next to you, etc. Knitting is a social activity. The more social it gets the more activity you find. Remember that now.

  2. Holly Anderson says:

    I feel her pain, I too have lost it since I lost my dear friend who also knitted. I picked up some yarn recently and had every intention to make a sweater but it’s like I have forgotten everything….I’m hoping that with the cooler weather I will find the time to sit and figure it all out again…..

  3. Heidi says:

    I find doing a different craft (like cross stitch) for a time helps.

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