Scoreboard Knit A Long

scoreboard kal
Join us for this fun Knit Along!  This isn’t a class…just a fun virtual knit along:)


If you’ve been following my knitting on the Crackerjack scarf, and wanted to try one yourself but can’t stand how slooooow baseball is.  How about trying your hand at the Scoreboard KAL?  We all know how fun Knit Purl Hunter’s KAL’s are.

You’ll need a dk yarn that comes in a lot of great colors.  We love Simplicity by Hikoo.  They have the perfect colors for most of your favorite football teams both Collegiate and Pro.
professional colors

The idea is that you choose 2 colors, one for your favorite team points and one for the opponents points.  A field goal is 3 rounds of knitting, a touchdown is 6 round a extra point is 1 round.  You get the idea.  You can choose a 3rd color to use to signal the game finished too if you want.
This cowl has been pretty popular, so they are out a few a few colors at the moment.  If you are cheering on the Packers, we have the yarn on order and get get it to you as soon as it arrives.  If you are cheering on the Vikings, we have the purple, but the gold is on back order.
We have the Badgers and Gophers in stock:)
If you are a football fan, this should be a fun record of a year of your favorite team!  If you aren’t a football fan, what better way to pay attention to the game than to knit this!
The pattern is officially released on Sept 3rd.  We hope, hope, hope to have the yarn in stock then too! But no worries if not, you can always catch up!

2 Responses to “Scoreboard Knit A Long”

  1. Char perry says:

    Count me in. I can hardly wait for the games to start!

  2. Ann Scott says:

    Hi Aimee,
    I saw this at Stitches Midwest, the Skacel guy was showing it off … I’d love to do the Badgers, can you tell me how much the skeins are and how many I’ll need? I’m thinking of the red and white for the two team colors and a third for the game break. Can you suggest a color (black? blue? others?)

    Thanks! And, sorry to have missed you when i was in a couple of weeks ago – I succumbed to the Sayanora, even after I shopped til I dropped at Stitches! It was a quick knit and BEAUTIFUL! I love it and get compliments on it often.

    Happy knitting!

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