DKU Rules and Regs


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You want to book a class with us?  YIPEE!  We can’t wait to have you join DKU!
So, what happens now?
You’ll need supplies.  Registered students get 10% off any class supplies necessary for the class.  And while we don’t require you to purchase materials from us, we are a yarn and fabric shop and would sure appreciate it:)
If you need to cancel, you’ll need to do so up to 7 days before the first class for a full refund.  If we need to cancel, because we don’t get the required number of students, we’ll wait until 3 days before the day of the class.   We’ll notify you by email or phone and of course you’ll get a full refund.  If we get weather, and you know we will in MN in the winter, we’ll post class cancellations as soon as we can and we’ll do our best to contact you.  If you are at all concerned, please don’t hesitate to call and ask.  You probably aren’t the only one.
For all classes that have a tuition fee, you’ll get a Student ID Card at your first class.
Here’s what they look like.  Cool huh?  Well, yours won’t have  picture of our Nanny Jean on it:)

DKU student identification card

Nanny's ID

Some really awesome retailers in Stillwater are extending a 10% off discount to anyone who flashes their DKU Student ID!    In addition to those retailers, the DKU ID gets you 10% off everything you purchase at Darn Knit Anyway until the end of the trimester!  How great is that?
If you want more attention, and who doesn’t, you are welcome to come any of our “study halls” (formerly known as Open Knit/Spin), they are still free!  You can also come in during office (shop) hours for more personal attention.   You should call ahead to make sure the professor you want to see will be available.  You can also still always come in and get help if you are desperate.  We never want you to shove your project in the closet and forget about it because you got stuck.  We’re always here and happy to help!
Thanks for trusting us with your fiber education!


2 Responses to “DKU Rules and Regs”

  1. Julie McCorkel says:

    Hi Amy, Carly, Jennifer, or whom ever reads this 🙂

    I am signed up for the crochet class on Wed., Jan. 16th and I won’t be able to attend on that day. I was wondering if I could switch to March 2nd or 27th?

    Julie McCorkel

  2. admin says:

    Sorry for the late reply Julie! Yes…you can

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