Purple What?


I “coach” my kids in a lego league.  It’s been fun, the inaugural season of JFLL in Somerset, WI.  I volunteered to be a “coach” this year.


My friends who are reading this are laughing, because lego league is really all I may be qualified to coach.  And after last nights meeting, I may not really be qualified to coach lego league either.


I’ll take you back to the beginning.  A few months ago.


I was assigned my team, 3 boys and 3 girls, ages 8-10.  My kids among them.  All the teams were named by colors.  Our color was purple.  We were told to pick a different name for the team, to get creative.  One of the kids in my group said “I know what we should be called, we should call ourselves the Purple Nurples!”.  There were cheers and laughs all around, they voted and so it was.  We were the Purple Nurples from then on.


Now, I need you to know that I had NO idea what Purple Nurples were (if you don’t know, click here).  I told the league what our new name was, proud that it rhymed at least.  Our team name was included in parent newsletters, in email correspondence.  I still have no indication that our name is anything but totally awesome.  I told Carly about it and she laughed and said something about what the nurple was, but it went right over my head.  Until last night…


We’re gearing up for our big end of the season event.  A science fair type expo where the kids bring their lego model and the big poster, that tells the reviewers all about our theme.  It happens to be tornados.  Oh did I mention the poster has a big Purple Nurples sign on it?  Well, it does.




So, we are working on our poster last night and one of the boys reaches out and acts like they are going to poke another boy.  He yells out something about getting a nurple.


The light bulb went on.  OMG!  I have let our team be called the Purple Nurples!  The Purple Nipple Twisters.  OMG!


I immediately said to the kids “how could you let me name our team the Purple Nurples!”  I told them we’d have to change it.  They laughed until they fell off their chairs.


I texted the head of the league and told her about it and prayed that she hadn’t printed big life sized posters for the expo yet.  She texted back “LOL I wondered if you knew but didn’t say anything”.  How did I not know this!?


I told her our new name was the Purple Burbles.  I told her I googled it this time. All reputable websites seem to agree this is a safe word.


Burble – Make a continuous murmuring noise. I guess that’ll do.


There is an urban dictionary definition of Burble too, but I am choosing to ignore it:) I can’t win. You can google it yourself if you feel so inclined.


Go Purple Burbles!

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  1. Kris says:

    I am speechless. Mostly because it’s too hard to talk when you laugh this hard. Kudos to you for coaching!

  2. Bek says:

    I needed this laugh today! Thanks for sharing!

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