Take a Note

I needed to jot something down today so I opened up the notes app in my IPhone.


I jotted down my note and then thumbed down and glanced at the other notes I’ve taken.  Have you done this recently?




What?  The only one of these that even looks like something I recognize is the Sequin Pinot Grigio…a delicious wine if you are looking for one:)  Like a duck…7, 14 15 reindeer…Diablo Nemesis…358?  What?


I have pages of these.





I’ve got just number ones too…




No idea what these numbers mean.  I’m gonna guess they are yarn color numbers?


I asked around and Carly and Jen had random notes too.


One page of Carly’s…




Some are really fun important notes.   Carly taught a kids knit class and noted a funny thing one of the kiddos said.




She had a random number one too.  Your guess is as good as hers.




As useless as these notes are, I can’t bring myself to delete them yet.  Maybe one day I will be asked a question and I will say “Eureka!  That answer is 7, 14 15 reindeer!


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  1. Hahaha I find random pieces of paper around with random phone numbers but no name. Or lists of numbers too. Or just a name! I have gotten better at note taking on my iPad. Actually naming them! Good luck! Joanne

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