An open letter to Jared Flood


Dear Jared Flood and the staff of Brooklyn Tweed,

We think it is high time that there is a Flagship Retail Shop in the Upper Midwest and we think Darn Knit Anyway should be that shop!
As we are sure you know, there are more yarn shops per capita in Minnesota than in just about any other state.  Knitters in Minnesota and Wisconsin should be able to find a local yarn shop to give Shelter and Loft a squeeze in person.
We have a sweater knitting program called 12 in 12 at our shop and 3 beautiful sweaters from your collections are represented; Bedford, Sullivan and Levenwick. We are sure that our knitters would love the opportunity to purchase Shelter for these beautiful garments.   As it stands today, 30 knitters have purchased yarn for our January Sweater, Bedford.  Awesome!
So, all we ask is that you consider Darn Knit Anyway for an Upper Midwest Flagship Retail Shop.  We are sure you won’t be disappointed.
Our best,

The Darn Knit Anyway Family

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  1. Aimee says:

    update…the lovely people at Brooklyn Tweed did contact me again (as this isn’t the first time I have begged) and they said that they are not prepared to open any other shops at this time. But that we would be on the list.

    I very much appreciate that they are growing smart. The yarns are USA grown and milled and they are trying desperately to keep it that way.

    You’ve gotta love that.

    Let’s hope we are considered when the time comes:)

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