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Kool-Aid Yarn

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015


We cleaned out our storage room a few weeks ago and found a gem.

On a way high up shelf, way in the back we found a mason jar with some yarn in it. It brought back some memories.

A few years ago, we did some kool-aid yarn dyeing classes with kids…

kool aid dye

Our long lost mason jar must have gotten lost in the shuffle.

Anyway, it turns out that leaving a skein of yarn in a mason jar, on it’s side, with a package of cherry flavored kool-aid and water for 2 years is a good thing.

This is a pretty skein of yarn, even if it smells like cherries:)
If you want to make some kool aid dyed yarn for yourself, click here to download the instructions.

Cherry Kool Aid

Cherry Kool Aid