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2014 in Review

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015


Every year we look back at our top selling items, by quantity, in the shop.


This year’s list was so interesting!


The top selling item this year was…wait for it…


ass look big


Yep, gum.  786 packs of gum to be exact.  So funny!  We love watching people read the packs of gum and then look around to see if anyone else is looking so they can share the fun.  “Mary…you HAVE to come over here and read these”.   Lots of belly laughs.


We’d love to say our top selling item is really expensive yarn, but nope.  $1.50 packs of funny, irreverent gum.


Speaking of yarn, our top selling yarn this year was our shop hop yarn Sweet Georgia Prison Grey.  That yarn was sure a hit.

prison grey


The 2nd top selling yarn was Berroco Brio, color Whirl.  This Kinetic Cowl is still going strong.




The coolest thing we found out about 2014 was that we had 610 class registrations!  We doubled the number of class registrations from last year.  That is so cool and we are grateful you trust us with your fiber education!


Thanks for another fun year.  We look forward to what 2015 brings!