Year of the Sock?

I thought it was finally time for me to knit socks.


I’ve knit 1 sock in my day, back in 2010.  Yep, just one.

I couldn’t bring myself to knit the 2nd one.  I didn’t think socks were my thing.

So I decided to work on things that I thought were my thing.  Sweaters.  In fact, that next year I knit a sweater a month.  Well, almost a sweater a month.

I decided that I was much happier not knitting socks.   I loved looking at hand knit socks, loved watching people knit socks, loved helping people choose yarn for socks, certainly helped many people knit socks.  But socks were just never on my knit list.

For some reason, when the calendar turned to 2015 I decided it was going to be the year of the sock.  I know, I know, that’s a big statement.  The year of the sock is a lot of pressure.  Perhaps I should have kept the sock idea to myself and quietly started knitting.  Perhaps I shouldn’t have posted this to Facebook.

Well…we had over 30 people send me suggestions.  You inspired me. Decided to knit cuff down, 2 at a time magic loop with a Fish Kiss Lips Heel.  I was pumped.

Look what I did!  In just one day!


I stopped enjoying it.  Like the next day.  I got sick of untangling yarn, the tiny needles bugged my hand, I put on a pair of smartwool socks and decided they felt awesome.  Who needs to knit socks anyway:)

I thought maybe I’d cast on for our 12 in 12 March sweater Downeast. Turns out it I like instant gratification.


I know that sock knitters think I’m crazy.  I know so many of you have socks going as we speak.  It just may not be my thing.

But…I will enjoy talking to you about socks and I will still admire your socks, and I will have fun helping you choose yarn for the perfect pair.

You never know, these socks might just turn up before the end of 2015 on my feet.  Stay tuned.


8 Responses to “Year of the Sock?”

  1. Beth says:

    Not everyone is sock-crazy like me, but it never hurts to try something outside your comfort zone once and a while. I’m working a Fluke shawl that has very unusual construction. I’ll keep checking in on the year of the sock! Beth

  2. Sue says:

    I think you just went overboard at the start. I don’t like magic loop at all and the thought of 2 at a time just confuses me. I am a slow, deliberate knitter. One pair of socks in adulthood, top down, 2×2 rib, no idea what heel – what ever the teacher said. About to try another pair, from a pretty pattern…

  3. Sharon Bramscher says:

    I have never knit a sweater (too intimidating) but SOCKS! Yes Ma’am! Four pairs since January 1st. And that includes learning two at a time toe up socks. I am in love with socks, especially with self striping yarn. Afghans are great to knit but how many do I really need? Can’t have too many socks!

  4. Karen says:

    Have to agree with Sue. I do knit Magic Loop but the two at a time thing drives me crazy. You might have gotten a bit too over-enthusiastic to start. Then again, socks aren’t for everyone. I have to be in the mood and usually do them on long trips since they fit in a small cosmetic bag. You know Costco has some awesome superwash wool socks. 4 pair for probably what you paid for your smart-wool ones. ; )

  5. Suzy says:

    I made my first and only pair out of worsted weight wool. Two at a time from the top down like your method. When I finished them I was so glad that the were BOTH done. They were warm and super comfortable. Then the unthinkable happened. One day they magically found their way into my washing machine. 🙁 They are now considerably smaller. I have no one to blame except the washwoman who lives at my house. That would be me.
    Now the only hand knit socks I own have been lovingly knit by my 82 year old mother. She seems to be able to turn out several pairs each year inspite of the arthritis in her hands. Thanks mom, I hope to leave the sock knitting to you for several years to come!

  6. CeltChick says:

    Oh my…I feel your pain. I’ve knit two complete pairs, one for myself & a pair for my sister (started out as MY second pair but she admired the yarn…you know how that goes). Recently started a third pair, being knit on two sets of DPNs, top down, very vanilla pattern in a very non-vanilla stripey yarn — but put them in time-out for holiday knitting. My feet are cold, so I think I dig them out & have a go at finishing them.

  7. Jo Anne says:

    Don’t give up on the socks. I don’t like 2-at-a-time. Separate those socks and knit them separately. If you want them finished at the same time then just knit one for a section, then knit the other one to the same point. My preference is magic loop or dpns. I recently purchased a short circular needle to try.

  8. Judy J says:

    Try knitting the Churchmouse Yarns pattern called Turkish Bed Socks.
    They wear well in your Dansko clogs. Or as a cute footie.
    And I actually finished a pair AND wear them.

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