Three Irish Girls Trunk Show

Boy do we have a deal for you.
You remember Three Irish Girls right?


We’re sure you do.  It’s been a while since we’ve been lucky enough to have this beautiful yarn in our store.  A lot has been going on in the world of that little yarn company.  The company was sold by Sharon to Erin and Kelly. Two long time employees and friends.
Anyway…a while back, tons of amazing knitters donated their time and materials and knit squares for blankets that were to be donated to Newtown, CT through Three Irish Girls.  The blankets kind of got lost in the shuffle and Erin and Kelly want to make that right.  They want to finish the blankets and get them to people who need comfort.
Darn Knit Anyway wanted to help.  So, here’s what we are going to do.
Erin and Kelly are bringing a terrific trunk show to our store in Stillwater on Saturday, October 19th and Sunday, October 20th.  They are bringing tons of one of a kind yarns, some mini bundles (we LOVE those) and even some colors maybe that will be pulled out of the vault.
All of that yarn will be yours for the buying.

Trunk show archives:)



There’s just one little thing…
In order to get a ticket to enter the trunk show, you’ve got to do some square seaming.  Now, I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking…SEAMING?  NO WAY!  I HATE SEAMING!  (yes all caps was necessary) But come on…take a breath here and don’t freak out.  Seaming isn’t that hard, especially if you have a little guidance.  We’ll help you do it! .
Here’s how it will go down.

We’ll be open from 10 – 5 on Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th.   You come in on those days, and give us 20 minutes of your time, seaming up a few squares and we’ll give you a ticket to enter the trunk show of awesomeness on the spot.  No one gets into the trunk show without a ticket…this is the only way in.
You know how I said we’d be open at 10am on Saturday, well, that’s not really true.  We plan on opening for a private shopping event Saturday morning at 9am for 20 people with a special ticket.  How do you get that special ticket?  You take home at least 21 squares in the next few weeks or so, seam them up and bring them in the morning of the trunk show.  8″ squares, 7 across and 3 down.  That is 1/4 of a blanket.   If you do that, you’ll get a ticket for the private showing.  The private shopping experience an hour before the masses arrive.  You know you want it!  We’ll even ship you the squares if you live out of town and want to come in for the trunk show. (These tickets are all given away..but please still come on Saturday, do a bit of seaming on the spot and we’ll get you in!)
Oh and Erin and Kelly might make an appearance at the event too.  So come meet them!
Are you in?  Do you want first crack at the one of a kind, mini bundles and colors from the vault before anyone else?  Send me an email ( or respond in the comments asap and we’ll figure out how to get the squares to you.  Then we’ll see you at 9am on Saturday the 19th!



10 Responses to “Three Irish Girls Trunk Show”

  1. jackie pearson says:

    Aimee, Carla and I and my sister are in. I will.pick up our squares on Friday.

  2. Chris Boros says:

    Hi Aimee! I’m in. I’ll pick up my squares today (Thursday ). Also have a knitting question…need help figuring out what lace pattern row I’m in ….I spent too much time working on a few other projects….see you soon.

  3. Jody ferguson says:

    I am interested. Can you send me squares for two people? Do you have my address on file?

  4. Maralee M says:

    I would love to do this! I will pick up squares on Saturday night when come for the event I am signed up for that evening.

  5. Rita Johnson says:

    Just sent you email. I am able and willing to seam!

  6. Tammy Kennedy says:

    I would love to help seem the squares and get a ticket! I can pick them up anytime.

  7. admin says:

    Hi Tammy,
    you ok picking up later next week? We are waiting for another shipment and you are close:)

  8. Barb says:

    Darn it any way. I am getting married on the 19th. I have been wracking my Brian on how in the world to clone myself so I can be in 2 places at once. Have fun.

  9. admin says:

    Congratulations Barb! I think your plan is waaaayyy more fun than ours. Many blessings to you both

  10. dianne bomar says:

    Sigh. Wish Ohio and Minnesota weren’t so darn far apart. I would give my bestest pair of needles and spend all my childrens’ inheritances on TIG yarn…

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