Thanks for the memories…

My kids, Maggie and Max, took home their yearbooks today from Somerset Elementary School here in Somerset, WI.  They are in 4th and 3rd grades.


I told them how much fun it was to get signatures in our yearbooks every year. How we used to write things like “Aimee, it was great to have you in class this year, have a great summer, call me” or “Aimee, you are super sweet, call me this summer”.  How we used to write our phone numbers in the yearbook so our friends could call us at home during the summer to play.


john glenn yearbook


I pulled out a few of my old yearbooks to prove my point about how great getting signatures was…I guess I remembered it differently.


I found this gem from someone named Bob.  Any Bobs from John Glenn Jr High circa 1983-84 wanna claim this one?


Bob Signature


Hilarious!  Wish he had thought to leave his phone number…I woulda tried to call him tonight!



2 Responses to “Thanks for the memories…”

  1. Jeani says:

    That is great, I did that in my day too. Know phone numbers ether. Hope your kids do get notes from there friends, what great memory’s. Jeani

  2. Dana says:

    That’s hilarious! I haven’t seen that yearbook in years. I remember walking around with it everywhere just in case I ran across someone who hadn’t signed it yet. I wonder if I still have mine?! Dana

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