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Wool & Wisconsin

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Jen and I traveled to the Madison area this past weekend.  We were invited to vend at the Madison Knitters Guild on Monday.


This guild isn’t messing around!  400+ members meet once a month in a gigantic office in Fitchburg, a town just outside of Madison.   They meet in an office building that has a huge auditorium.  They invite a few vendors each month and we were lucky enough to get September.


Why was September such a lucky month to get?  Well…we didn’t know it, but the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival was going on this past weekend too.  Timing is everything.


What did we learn from our day visiting the WI Sheep and Wool Festival?  Wisconsin folks like their Green Bay Packers.  I’m sure we could probably look around Shepherd’s Harvest and see MN Vikings yarn, but…


packer yarn sheep and wool


Some of the above yarn was from our friends at Sun Valley Fibers!  It was a fun festival.  Way more animals that at our Shepherd’s Harvest festival.  We might be a bit biased, but we think Shepherd’s Harvest is more fun:)



Then we went to the Knitters Guild meeting.  A great group of knitters.  Those folks aren’t messing around!  Thanks for the invite Madison Knitter’s Guild.  Hope to see some of you at the MN Yarn Shop Hop in April!