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They may throw it away

Saturday, November 22nd, 2014

We’ve talked about this before.  How we (crafty people) make things for people and then we never see the thing again.  We may never get acknowledged even for making said crafty thing.  I wrote about it here in this letter.
As the gift giving season approaches again and we are all hand crafting away for the people we care about I give you this to think about.
Things you’ve knit for people, they may get thrown away.
Things you’ve crocheted for people, they may get given to a neighbor.
Things you’ve quilted, sewn, stamped, beaded, cross stitched, and calligraphied (is that a word?) they may get put in the Goodwill box.
But they may not.
They may be put away in a treasures box and pulled out 24 years later.
This one was.  Just this morning.
Doll from Nan 1
Doll from Nan 2
Doll From Nan 3
And memories of our Nan came flooding back.  I am yet again inspired and filled with joy for the hand making season.
I love you too Nanny Jean.


Log Jam Time

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

stillwater logjam
Well, we’ve been talking about it for a year now.  Actually, not quite a year.  Stillwater Log Jam is upon us.   It’s this weekend, July 18th, 19th & 20th.


It was back in October that I posted this blog and asked locals to be vocal.   The decision was made by our City Council to bring back a big summer festival, so now the decision was what group would treat downtown the way it deserved to be treated?  Did we want a big promoter to come into town or would a more locally run event earn our support?  I, like many residents and businesses, felt that a locally run event would be our best shot at getting back to an event that the community could enjoy.  That’s why The Local’s earned my support and the support of the Mainstreet Stillwater IBA.
I know that summer festivals in Stillwater are divisive.  Some are disappointed that the event might be smaller, some are glad it’s smaller and some wish there wasn’t one at all.   Whatever your feelings about the event, it’s here and I hope you bring your family down and support it!



If you are planning on coming downtown for the event, and I hope you do, watch for us!



Soap Box Derby
Yes, we are participating in this crazy event!


  • Wednesday night we’ll be downtown at the car show showing off our Soap Box Derby Car.
  • Thursday night at 7:30 we’ll be at The Freight House for the soap box awards ceremony.  You know our car will look good!
  • Friday at noon is check in for the soap box derby.  We’ll be hanging out on 2nd street and Mulberry making sure our Derby Car can make it down that hill:)
  • Then Friday between 2 and 4 we race!


Yes!  There is still a parade!  Sunday at 1pm we hope to see lots of you on the route.  Our Mainstreet Stillwater IBA is going to be walking in the parade.  We have a fun “float” and many downtown businesses will be walking together.


If you do see us this weekend out and about make sure to say hi!


Oh Hay’ll No!

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014


Our old historic bridge is only so tall.


Yesterday, a truck hauling hay across from MN to WI misjudged the height of his load and off went a good dozen bales.  Stopping traffic both directions…right around rush hour time.


hay on bridge



Jen thought we should make the most of the traffic so she made a little sign for us…


jennifer darn knit anyway bridge

The back side reads…”You might as well stop for yarn!”


Here’s to a hay-free, delay-free summer of driving in Stillwater!

Build faster MNDOT and WISCDOT!  Build faster!


DYC March – May 2014

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Check out our selections for our Darn Yarn Club March – May 2014
Skeins in the Stacks dyed our yarn for March.  A pretty sparkly yarn perfect for these mitts.  We included a DKA book light and of course our project bag.
march 2014.

march 2014 2.
April’s yarn club was perfect for our long, cold winter.  A beautiful yarn from Phydeaux Designs, a great cowl pattern with beads!  Our hope was it would lift your spirits.
april yarn 2014.
april pattern

Stay tuned for May’s yarn…if you are keeping track it’ll be Sweet Georgia:)
Want to see more blogs about our yarn club?  Click here.


Want to get set up for our next subscription?  June – August 2014?  Click here.

Shop Hop 2014 – Day 4

Sunday, April 13th, 2014

We can not believe the turnout for this year’s shop hop. What a fun group of fiber lovers!
We, of course, did a few more mug shots:)

Shop Hop 2014 – Day 1

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

The theme for the yarn shop hop this year is Local Color!  Our local color?  The historic Minnesota State Prison.  The first Federal prison in the state of MN.  Governor Alexander Ramsey, in 1853 said “there should be proper and safe places of confinement” for prisoners in the new territory.  Stillwater was the place for prisoners in 1853!   Read all about the history here.
We dressed the tree up as a convict.

So, we thought maybe we’d find a few more convicts:)















Can’t wait till tomorrow:)


Something Fun Is Coming

Thursday, April 4th, 2013




Yep, something fun is coming…

Stay tuned:)

Butterfly Knitters Needed

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

It’s time for another dressing of the tree in our patio.
We’ve done it a few times now…here and here

This time we need your help.
We are going to fill the tree with butterflies!
We need bright, colorful rectangles knit in garter out of whatever bright colored yarn you might have around.  We’ll do the assembly, we just need your rectangles!

12-14" wide


6-8" tall


Butterfly Assembled

We’d love to bomb the tree on Tuesday, April 9th.  So if we could get your rectangles by Monday night or Tuesday morning we’d be able to assemble them and hang ’em up!
We hope you’ll help us!



We Decked the Tree!

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Deck the Tree

Deck The Tree

Deck the Tree

Deck the Tree

It feels a little Dr Suess to me.  How about you?

Well, you can check it out on Friday for our big sale!


Video Tour of Darn Knit Anyway

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Check us out!   Can’t wait to see you soon.