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It’s a Mystery

Thursday, June 26th, 2014



I’ve never done a mystery knit along before.


I know…lots and lots of people have and they love them.  But me?  I don’t like surprises really.  I don’t like suspense either.  I like to know whats going to happen and when.  In fact, I even like to know how a movie is going to end before I see it.  I enjoy the movie so much more when I know how it will end.  I don’t get nervous or anxious.


So, a mystery knit along really isn’t up my alley.   If you don’t know, here are the basics of a mystery knit along.  The designer gives out one clue a week and you knit that clue.  Then you wait patiently for the next one.  So, it’s a mystery ending AND I have to be patient.  Oh boy!


This particular knit along is from KnitPurlHunter and it is a 2 color hat.  It begins on July 3rd and each clue comes out every Thursday at 8am in July.


I’m going for it and I talked Carly into joining me.  Wanna play along?


The yarn required is Hikoo Simplicity.  You’ll need 2 skeins of the main color and one skein of a contrast color.  Carly’s doing pink and black and I’m doing blue and white.   We have almost every color in stock now.  Click here for the online shopping link.  You can buy it online and we can ship it to you in time for the knit along or you can come down and pick it out in person;)



Carly Knit along




Aimee Knit Along


Trust us!  You can do this.  Even if you have never worked with 2 colors of yarn.  She’ll give you tons of tips, video links and more.  AND you have us for help!


Materials List:
-Simplicity – 1(2, 2) skeins MC, 1(1,1) skein CC
-US#4 needle – straight or circ
-US#8 needle – 16″ circ
-US#8 dpns or 32″ circ for magic loop method for crown decreases
-cable needle
-one 3/4″ button
baby (child,adult) 16(19,21)”


Wanna join us?

Lanesplitter Knit Along

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

We’ve chosen our next knit along and it starts on Friday, May 13th from 6-8pm and runs every other Friday through June 24th.
It is the Lanesplitter Skirt.  Check out the link to the pattern here.  You’ll have to print the pattern yourself from this site, but it is free!
If you are a raveler…check out the other skirts on this ravelry link.
Our knit along is free, we just ask that you purchase supplies from us.  We are suggesting Plymouth Boku, Kudo or Crystal Palace Mochi Plus!  Remember you get 10% off supplies if you are participating in this knit along!

Lanesplitter Skirt Knit Along

Call us (651-342-1386) or email us ( to get your name on the list for the knit along.  We’ll make sure we bring enough chocolate!

Winter Knit Along

Monday, November 29th, 2010

OK Folks…the results are in and do not require a recount…our Winter Knit Along is going to be “clockwork” by Stephen West.

Carly is already knitting away on our sample and it is beautiful!  You’ll need the pattern and 2 different skeins of sock yarn (we’re getting some beautiful Malabrigo sock in this week).   Should be a fun knit.
The first session for this scarf is on Friday, January 14th from 6-9pm.  Then we meet every other week through March 25th.  The KAL is FREE…we just ask that you buy your materials at the shop!  You’ll get 10% off supplies!

We hope you’ll join us.

Send us an email or call and let us know you’ll be coming!

651-342-1386 or



Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

It’s time for another Darn Knit Anyway (DKA)  Knit Along (KAL) 🙂

We are meeting all summer to knit up the Lizard Ridge Blanket from

We suggest Plymouth Boku or Crystal Palace Mochi Plus yarns.  Both will work beautifully for this project. The image above is my first square using Plymouth Boku.

There really aren’t rules for this KAL.  It is a free event, provided you purchase yarn at our shop!  You can come to any or all of the dates, if you can’t make all of them, no worries, just come when you can.  You don’t have to register early for each date, just come!  If you want to bring a friend along that isn’t knitting the KAL, that is ok too.

Here are the dates…They are all on Friday nights from 6-8 (the first night is from 5-7…if you can’t get there until 6…no worries we can still get you going!)
June 25th, July 9th, July 30th, August 13, August 20

So, you have to download the pattern yourselves from   Here is a link to make it easy.

Lizard Ridge

If you can’t make our KAL nights, do the blanket yourself and send us your images!  We’ll share ours too!

Happy Knitting!