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Goodbye Sandbags

Friday, March 26th, 2010

It’s been a long weird week in Stillwater.

The call to help sandbag was a week ago today.

Water at its highest

The amount of people willing to help was enormous.  The long levee wall was built in just a few days.  The historic lift bridge has been closed since Tuesday due to fears of high water and debris.   18,000 commuters a day are finding alternate routes across the St. Croix River.   The street in front of our shop has become very quiet.   Those 18,000 commuters aren’t driving in front of the shop anymore.

Customers are still finding us.  Locals are LOVING this no traffic thing.  They are coming back to shop and dine in their downtown!  And lots of river watchers coming to town are finding Darn Knit Anyway for the first time.   But it is a strange thing…this quiet street.   I am not sure if I like it.  I am a city girl at heart.  I, like my Nanny Jean, like to watch traffic.  My Nan would rather have a street or parking lot view than a park or lake view.  She, like me, likes to hear people and cars and commotion.   We like to know we are in the heart of things…in the middle…in the action.

The action today…seems like the city is starting to remove the sandbags.  Wonder when the cars will come back?   Goodbye sandbags.

Workers ready to throw sandbags

Sandbags out!