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Guess Who?

Friday, October 24th, 2014

guess who

We had a very important all employee meeting a few days ago.  Many extremely important things were discussed, as you can well imagine at a DKA employee meeting!


Well, as kind of an icebreaker, because we are all so incredibly shy, we decided that we should play a little game.  We each got a slip of paper and wrote a fact about us that no one in the room knew.  We put the slips in a basket and each of us drew a slip and had to guess the which fact matched which person.


Boy did we learn a few things.  Can you match the fact with the person?


The Facts
1.  My nickname given to me since childhood is “weenie”
2.  I had 3 guinea pigs growing up
3.  I am a graduate of Stripper 101
4.  I am wearing men’s underwear
5.  I used to play the oboe
6.  I was a cheerleader in high school
7.  I take canoe trips into the quetico where you see no one for days and love it
8.  I fixed the hallway squeeky door
9.  I married my high school sweetheart.


The Staff
a. Aimee
b. Jennifer
c. Carly
d. Heather
e. Nadia
f. Katie
g. Carroll
h. Corrina
i. Michelle

So, what do you think?   Can you match up the fact with the staff?

Don’t remember who everyone is?  Click here for our About Us page:)