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Naughty Knit Night…for adult eyes only!

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Well, we had a fun day today at Darn Knit Anyway…the day started with an appearance on a local tv station’s morning show (FOX 9 News) .  The very fun M A Rosko asked us to tag along to one of her live spots at Sweet Chocolat today in Roseville.  It was quite an experience! Thanks to Amy B, Krishell, Emily (who is a photographer and didn’t bring her camera…BAH!) and Katy for tagging along and sharing the experience…and getting a lot of samples of chocolate.

We ended the day with a room full of Naughty Knitters!  Here are a couple of pictures from the fun night!  Stay tuned for our next Naughty Knit Night!

The supplies!

The only man brave enough to sit at the table!

Naughty Nighty...check out the coward in the background!

Knitting the "thwack"

Gayle's Finished "thwack" Check out the boob on the table in front of her!

Me and Ann and our "thwacks"

Amy, Sara and Michelle showing off their Thwacks

Our girl Katy!

Hummm...what IS THAT Nora???