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Crazy New Fun Yarn

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

If you are looking for an easy summer knit we just might have 2 options for you.  We just received a shipment of yarns from Feza.  Alp Premier and Dazzle and the crazy cool balls of fun called Alp Oriental.  Check em out!

Alp Premier and Dazzle
210 yards of nylon, acrylic, cotton, metallic and wool!

Alp Premier Skein

3 different Alp Premier colorways!

Perfect for a holiday scarf!

Green One Skein Scarf

So, this green one skein scarf…all we did was cast on 150 stitches on a 32″ or longer circular, size 13 needle and knit each row until you run out of yarn.  The yarn does all the heavy lifting!

Alp Oriental
165 yards of acrylic, polyamid, mohair, wool and metallic yarns.  Get this…the tassels come PRE-MADE!!  Great right?

Blue Colorway

Green Colorway

Cool tassels

Red Colorway knit up

This red colored shawl pattern is available at our shop.  FREE, come on in and make one yourself!