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They may throw it away

Saturday, November 22nd, 2014

We’ve talked about this before.  How we (crafty people) make things for people and then we never see the thing again.  We may never get acknowledged even for making said crafty thing.  I wrote about it here in this letter.
As the gift giving season approaches again and we are all hand crafting away for the people we care about I give you this to think about.
Things you’ve knit for people, they may get thrown away.
Things you’ve crocheted for people, they may get given to a neighbor.
Things you’ve quilted, sewn, stamped, beaded, cross stitched, and calligraphied (is that a word?) they may get put in the Goodwill box.
But they may not.
They may be put away in a treasures box and pulled out 24 years later.
This one was.  Just this morning.
Doll from Nan 1
Doll from Nan 2
Doll From Nan 3
And memories of our Nan came flooding back.  I am yet again inspired and filled with joy for the hand making season.
I love you too Nanny Jean.


Three Irish Girls

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

We were so excited last week to get our shipment of Three Irish Girls (3IG) Yarn.  We are giddy about it.  You can’t BELIEVE these yarns.

Three Irish Girls

Colors Nora and Donegan

Estuary, Liam and Ian


too many colors to mention

We sold out of a lot of these colorways at Yarn Over, but we have another order going in soon!  Her blog is a hoot.  At least I giggle when I read it, but I am an Irish Girl too!