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Happy Anniversary

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

It’s coming on 5 years.  Wow.  5 years since we first opened the doors of our shop.


We purchased our point of sale computer (our cash register) exactly 5 years ago this week.
It decided 5 years was enough.


Computer's a gonner

Computer’s a gonner


So, if you’ve been in the store, you’ve noticed we are using our square and ipad to check you out.  Lest you think all of your history at the shop is gone, fear not.  All of our data is fine (BACK UP YOUR STUFF PEOPLE!!).


We have a brand new computer now that will get us through the next 5 years!


We’ll be celebrating our 5th anniversary the weekend of October 11th.  Details to follow, nothing big, but we’d love to have you visit!