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12 in 12 Q&A

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Wondering what all the 12 in 12 fuss is about?  Here are some answers to commonly asked questions.


Q.  What the heck is 12 in 12 anyway?
A.  12 in 12 is our sweater knitting program.  We choose 12 sweaters in January, 1 for each month.  If you want to knit any of the 12 sweaters you can purchase the yarn at 20% off.


Q.  Do I have to knit all 12 sweaters?
A.  Nope.  You can knit 1, 3 or all 12!


Q.  Can I still purchase yarn for the January Sweater Tundra?
A.  Sure.  You can purchase yarn for any of the 12 sweaters any time you want during the year.


Q.  Can I special order yarn and still get the 20% off discount?A.  Nope, we typically don’t apply the 20% off discount, or any discount really, to special orders.


Q.  Is this a class I have to register for?
A.  Nope, you can come to our free 12 in 12 knit-a-long sessions on Tuesdays from 10am – noon or 6-8pm.  Or you can come anytime you want and get help!


Q.  What’s the deal with the $10 finisher gift card?
A.  If you want to challenge yourself to knit a sweater in a month this applies to you.  Let’s say you love the March sweater and you want to challenge yourself to knit it in a month.  You buy the yarn from us (at 20% off), you cast on March 1st or later and finish the sweater by March 31st.  If you do that, and bring the finished sweater in to show us before March 31st, you’ll get a $10 gift card to spend at the shop.  Now, this is entirely on your honor.  We don’t ask that you cast on in front of us, but we do ask that you are honest about it.  We are just a little yarn shop and you are already getting 20% off the yarn.  So we hope you won’t take advantage of us:)   Oh and finished means finished…sewn together, ends woven in and buttons on:)


Q.  Do you have any of the 12 in 12 sweaters finished that I can see?
A.   We are knitting the sweaters along with our customers, so we will have the finished sweaters in the shop AFTER the month is over, but typically not before.


So, what are you waiting for?  Get sweater knitting!!


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