Something Fun Is Coming




Yep, something fun is coming…

Stay tuned:)

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7 Responses to “Something Fun Is Coming”

  1. Patty Ogborn says:

    Sounds like fun! Consider me officially “tuned!” 😀

  2. Carla Semple says:

    I’m there!

  3. Diane Johnson says:

    I am also interested.

  4. val says:

    Interested 🙂

  5. Chris B. says:

    Hmmmmmm…..sounds like something dangerous!!!!

  6. Kim l says:

    So I am interested. Will the patterns only require one skein or will or can you purchase additional skeins of that specific yarn. Say you have a great shawl that requires 2 skeins and you only signed up for 1 skein a month, can you purchase additional at the store? Thanks for any info

  7. admin says:

    Kim…we will probably get additional skeins of each month in the store, just in case…but we can’t guarantee we’ll have enough for an extra each month…
    this is our first time with this kind of club too, so we are just wiggling through it:)

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