Soap Box Derby

What a fun crazy weekend we had celebrating Log Jam Days here in Stillwater.


We built a car.  We built a soap box derby car.  Well, actually Toby built the car, we just decorated it!


derby car show


We went to the car show a few days before the race to promote the race and show off our handy work and a teenager walked past and said “that’s sick”.  I think that’s good right?


We had fun on Thursday night at and event that most of the racers attended.  We got to size up our competition. Wow!  Stillwater has some creative people!   If you want to see the others , click here for the Stillwater Current article.


The day of the race finally came and I must admit when I first saw the course I wasn’t going to let Elizabeth race.  For reals.  I was scared for her.


Logjam Prerace


The safety check for the race was to take a run down the course and see if you could stop.  Really.


Now, Toby made a sturdy car, we were sure it wouldn’t tip over, but the stop and steer left a little to be desired.  We were all a bit nervous watching the first few safety checks.


Our nerves weren’t easily calmed as the first 2 safety runs crashed through the hay bales at the finish and the third flipped over completely and left the derby car out of commission.


I told Elizabeth she was out, that we had already won by getting the car done and decorated.  She was having NONE of that.  She was going to race no matter what I said.


So we raced.  We won the first heat!  How fun is that?



The second race we lost, and the lovely Elizabeth smashed into the hay bales.  Just for the fun of it she said.  Geez!
Here are a few more pictures from the race!


And a few more here along with a cool video from the guys at Lift Bridge Brewery.


Next year…better brakes:)



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