Save our Schools

save our schools
I’ve hesitated to jump into the mix on this issue. I didn’t think I really had a stake in it. We live in Somerset, WI and my kids go to Somerset Middle School. I am not a resident or building owner.


I have jumped into the mix on plenty of issues that affect downtown. I’ve taken a stand on the new St. Croix River Crossing. Which got people talking about boycotts. I’ve talked about Lumberjack Days. I’ve written about anonymous social media trolls. Then talked about censoring myself.


I’m on the parking commission here in Stillwater and that brings up other issues I don’t want to relive.


So I thought, why not?  Why not finally after all these days of listening, reading & learning about the BOLD proposal, jump in. My friend Meg, who owns Alfresco has expressed her frustration with the administration and proposal in public.  Lightening didn’t strike her down. Why not me.


For the many friends of Darn Knit Anyway that don’t live or work in Stillwater, you probably don’t know anything about this. So, the basic issue is this…the administration has put forth a proposal to the Stillwater School Board to close 3 elementary schools. You can read all about it here from the Stillwater School District, or here from Stop Bold Cold, the organization formed to oppose the proposal. The proposal is said to be the path to “right sizing” elementary classrooms and to make more services available to every student in the district. The Stop Bold Cold group has rebutted every issue with statistics and real life examples.


There have been listening sessions and Facebook pages and petitions. The community is connecting over this issue like nothing I have seen before. Resources are being pooled. The skills of different parents and concerned citizens are being utilized. They are supporting each other through this very stressful time.  I am a member of the Stop Bold Cold Facebook page and am amazed at the civility of that group.


The vote is a measly 9 hours away now. Opponents of this issue have had many sleepless nights worrying about their children’s educational futures. Now the Superintendent has submitted a request to postpone the vote this evening for a month from now. So that they can “better educate the public” about B.O.L.D. The public already knows. They feel the betrayal and believe the administration has deceived them.  From an outsider standpoint. I think they’ve been betrayed too. All parents and voters of the district. Not just those that are in the 3 schools slated to be closed.


I hope for the sake of families in the district that the vote happens tonight. That it doesn’t drag on another month. That they can move on from this now and either way get out of the limbo that has been weighing them all down.  I hope they vote tonight and I hope its a no vote. I hope that if you are my customer and you disagree with me that you’ll be civil in the comments and won’t plan a boycott:)


I know I’m publicly late to the game, but…


Save our schools.


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  1. Meg says:

    Thanks Aimee! Very nice post! SOS!

  2. Jenna says:

    Thank you for doing this! Such a great letter. Now we wait and hope that people are paying attention.

  3. Kiva says:

    Thanks Aimee!

  4. Debbie Flick says:

    Right on the mark.

  5. Cindy Jepsen says:

    Thanks for the support. It means a lot to all of us.

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