Plaid Friday 2015

It’s back!  Our Black Friday sale is happening again!

Come to Stillwater at 9am on Black Friday.  Yeah, we know…we’ve been opening later and later as the years have worn on:)
Downtown Stillwater is doing their Sleepyhead Doorbusters again this year.  We are joining The Plaid Friday revolution.  Want to know more about what all the cool kids are doing?  Click here.

There will be fun things happening that day and all season long downtown.  Check out Discover Stillwater for the details on the other happenings…
Here are our plans for Plaid Friday, November 27th.
-20% off everything in the store from 9am – 12am.
-The first 20 people get an additional 20% off coupon to use in the store at another time.
-Hikoo yarns will be 20% off all day long!  That is Simpliworsted, Simplicity, Caribou, Zumie and CoBaSi.  We love, love, love these yarns and know that you will to.

-BlueQ products (gum/coin purses/socks/lip and hand stuff) 20% off all day.

Come join us.

A few little rules:

  • We can’t hold yarn for you before the sale.  So if you have something on the hold shelf that is waiting to be purchased, that yarn won’t be included in the sale.  That just isn’t fair!
  • We’ll do our best to wind your yarn that day, but the winder will be working overtime.  So either you’ll have to be patient, or leave your yarn and we’ll wind it up for you to pick up later!
  • You have to be in a good mood.  We can’t have crabby, overfed knitters, crocheters, spinners and weavers wandering about!


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