Parking Updates

Here we are again…our pay parking season has begun! The large lot to the South of our shop is pay parking from May 1st through November 1st. But never fear…there are still plenty of parking options!


Turn towards the river from Main Street onto Nelson Street you’ll see our little parking lot…

Brick Alley Parking off of Nelson

As you get closer you’ll see this little building…never fear!

Brick Alley Parking Booth


This is our parking lot. So sometimes this little building has a parking attendant.  So, what does this mean for you?  It means you’ll still get free parking when you visit our shop and park in our lot.  But, you’ll need to have $5 cash on hand to pay our parking lot attendant.  We won’t have a little machine, so you can’t use a credit card.  It’ll be an actual human being collecting your money.  Then, when you come into our shop, we’ll reimburse you $5. If there is no parking attendant, you are free to park in the lot if there is an available spot.
Now, we can only reimburse if you park in the Brick Alley Lot.  We can’t reimburse for other city lots.  Remember, this lot is accessed off of Nelson Street, not Main!   So, make sure you can see this sign when you pull into the lot!

Also be aware that Stillwater is a busy tourist area.  If you are coming into town during the day, the Hwy 36 route is the perfect way to come into town. On the weekends, if you wish to avoid a line up of cars waiting to cross the Stillwater Lift Bridge, you should come “the back way”.  If you are heading East on Hwy 36, toward downtown, you can take a left on Manning Avenue (cty rd 15) , then a right on County Road 12.  That changes into Myrtle and brings you right to Main Street.  There is a parking ramp off of Myrtle too, if you are like me and would rather park and walk than stress out about finding a spot.  We are a 3 block walk South down beautiful Main Street from the parking ramp.


Since you are walking anyway, you might as well check out some of our other great shopping and dining establishments.  Really, what is a trip to Stillwater without checking out Main Street?


If you are in a pinch and know what you need, feel free to call ahead and we can have your purchase ready for you. You can pull up alongside the shop and we can make the transaction from your car:)


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  1. […] If you get in early enough you’ll find plenty of free parking on the street in front of the shop.  If you prefer a lot, behind us in the Brick Alley Parking Lot is free to you.  You’ll need to bring $5 cash for the attendant and we’ll reimburse you in the shop.  This is only for the lot BEHIND the shop, we can not reimburse for the city lot.  More parking details here. […]

  2. Claudia says:

    Wow, what great service!! I have often thought of calling you and asking if you could meet me out in front. I will certainly keep that in mind…except to be sooo close to a yarn shop and not go just might be illegal…

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