My Cousin Carly

By now you must know that Carly and I are cousins.  We are 10 months apart in age.
This picture was of us on some family trip somewhere.  I’m the blond.

Aimee and Carly Hippies

We have so many pictures of Carly and me together that we started putting them all on our bulletin board at the shop.  It has become a family joke really.

Bulletin Board Beauties


Prom 1990 –  I bought my dress…of course Carly made hers:)


Halloween UW Madison 1993 maybe?


Already gorgeous, gorgeous!

When I decided to open a yarn shop, I told Carly about it.  I remember the moment exactly.  We were in our Nanny Jean’s  apartment visiting and I just blurted it out.  “Hey, I am going to open a yarn shop, what do you think?  Wanna run it with me?” I think her exact words were. “ok, um, sure Aim” .  I was reassured.  She was in!
Our Nan said  “well, you’re definitely going to need a comfortable chair.  People like comfortable chairs”.   Words of wisdom certainly.

Nanny and the kids in front of the shop before it was a shop:)

If you want to be technical, I am the only one who owns the yarn shop.  But Darn Knit Anyway is as much Carly’s as it is mine.  I couldn’t or wouldn’t even want to run the shop without her.   I know that she loves the shop just as much as I do.  I feel that deep down in my belly.
Now, Carly isn’t just a great mom, cousin and knitting problem helper.  Nope she is an artist too.  A graduate of the College of Visual Arts.  She is a fashion designer and fiber artist.  Here are a few cool things she has done.  She has made garments out of everything, dollar bills, snow cone cups, rubber bands, vending machine clear container thingies, baby bottle liners

Mr. Smith

Snow Cone Cups

Rubber Bands

vending machine plastic thingies with rubber balls inside?!

Baby Bottle Liners

Now we are lucky enough to have a Carly Stipe original in our shop.  Right in our very own front window.  I am so happy I can hardly stand it.

DKA Front Window

A lovely red dress out of duct tape. WHAT?

It’s red alright!


WHAT? A bow in the back???!!


I love my cousin to pieces.  Seriously.  Don’t know what I would do without her.
I know that our little shop is better because she is a part of it.  I tell her that a lot.  I just thought maybe you guys should know it too.
Love you cuz.

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4 Responses to “My Cousin Carly”

  1. Annie says:

    OH Carly – I just adore her! So excited to find out what you are up to, she is great isn’t she?
    … Your CVA Friend…
    ~ Annie

  2. Sally wahrman says:

    Happy happy birthday hope its a great day see you next week at the crawl

  3. Kevin says:

    It is so wonderful to be aware of joy!

  4. Nancy Muggenburg says:

    Hey Carly,

    We work very close to each other. I am at Midtown Antiques. I would love to stop in and see you.

    I have known you were talented since brownies 🙂

    Nancy Muggenburg

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