June finished!

It’s done.
It was fun to knit, I love it.

Pattern: Dark and Stormy by Baby Cocktails
Yarn: Hikoo Simpliworsted color Old Gold

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5 Responses to “June finished!”

  1. Enid Mary Shaw says:

    looks great

  2. Linda Newell says:

    Astounding! I can see why you love it; I do too.

  3. Wendy Baker says:

    Beautiful. Can’t wait to begin mine!

  4. L. LINDERT says:

    I really like the sweater-beautiful design. Such a beautiful color. Enjoy wearing it.

  5. Joan Strobel says:

    Hi Aimee –

    The sweater is gorgeous and your knitting is so perfect! Wow. The yarn choice, yarn color, and buttons are just beautiful. (I stopped by the store and got to admire it in person.)

    I hope that you have a good selection of the Hikoo yarn in the store 🙂


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