January Sweater…Check

Ta da!
1 down…11 to go!


January sweater...check

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7 Responses to “January Sweater…Check”

  1. Pam Enz says:

    It might not have been a lot of fun to make but it looks wonderful! You have a nice sweater now. It looks good on you!

  2. Renay says:

    Way to go!!! (and way to go, joining the Textile Center as a business member!)

  3. Karin says:


  4. Nancy says:

    You are so talented. I wish I could knit like that, but with your help some day I will be able to. Great looking sweater.

  5. Becka says:

    What Renay said! (The sweater looks adorable!)

  6. Paula says:

    Beautiful! I am looking forward to the day mine is ready to wear. I might not be done by the end of January, but I’m looking forward to wearing it yet this winter. 🙂

  7. Sarah says:

    Wow, the sweater turned out beautiful! It’s good that you went for the perfect fit, even though it was a lot of work!

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