Handknits and Handguns

One of our customers, a very experienced local knitter, walked into our shop with an amazing grab bag FULL of knitting pattern books and magazines.  She wanted us to have them.  She wanted them to go to a good home.  We assured her we would give them a very good home!
We had such a ball looking at them.  I thought you might too.

3 great ones

Gauge illustrations

Shoulder pads anyone

Handknits and guns...perfect pair

Hot Pants? Oh yes

There was a yarn store in Stillwater in the 70's? Who knows about this place?

Patterns from 1942...during WWII

Make and Mend for Victory

Then there was this...

We have dozens of pattern books and magazines.  If you want to come have a laugh and who knows, maybe even be inspired…stop in and take a look!

2 Responses to “Handknits and Handguns”

  1. CeltChick says:

    Locally, we’ve a group of volunteers that put together a “bargain buster” a couple of times yearly, from donated fabrics, yarns, notions and published materials. I always go home with an armload of old knitting magazines! They’re such a hoot; odly enough, some of the pieces aren’t that dated….

  2. Vienette says:

    Love the WWII consumer victory pledge. I still have doll clothes made for my mom by my Grandma Claudia from WWII that have drawstrings at the waist so as not to use elastic (and waste rubber vital to the war effort). She also taught me to never throw something in the rag bag without first cutting off the buttons. After all, you never know when you need a button for mending, doll clothes, new outfits or crafts…. She was a smart woman in oh so many ways

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