Finish it Up

finish line
We have unfinished projects in our stash just waiting to be finished.  We’re going to venture a guess that you do too.


Some are halfway done, some have a mistake that we need to pick back and re knit, some just have to be bound off.  All of these are projects that we want to finish but just need a little incentive!
So, we are going to help.  Gather up to 3 projects you want to finish up by the end of February.  Bring your projects to the shop on Sunday, January 3rd from 10am – 5pm or Monday, January 4th from 10am – 8pm.  We’ll record and keep a record of the projects you bring in then you head home and finish up the projects.
Finish one of your chosen projects and bring it into the shop. We’ll enter your name in the drawing for that week.  Every Monday morning we’ll do the drawing and let the winner know. We will have a drawing every week for the 8 weeks from January 11th through February 29th.
The projects don’t have to be yarn from our shop either…any project from your stash that you need extra incentive to finish works for us!
A few rules.
You MUST bring the projects into the shop to get them recorded on one of the 2 days noted above.
You MUST bring the projects into the shop when they are complete.
They MUST be the recorded projects, you can’t switch projects mid game.
That’s it…
Now, get into your stash and figure out what projects you are going to enter!!

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