Finish it up fun!



Let’s use the New Year to get some projects finished.


Bring to the store up to 3 unfinished knit or crochet projects on January 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th.


We’ll record the projects and probably take a few pictures of them.


As you finish up each project, bring them in and we’ll check them off of your list and enter you in that week’s drawing.  We will have drawings every Monday morning from January 11th through February 29th for people who have finished a project that week.


Your projects can be like mine, simple…


#1 Right handed A River Runs Through Mitt


river mitt


#2 Rip back and re knit the collar for my Agnes Sweater


agnes neckline


#3 TBD


I’m sure you have a few projects in your stash you have been avoiding:)

Hope to see you soon!

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