DYC is a’ changin!




We’ve been a whole year now of Darn Yarn Club and we’ve learned a few lessons.


#1 People like to know what they are going to get. Yes, there are some that love the surprise. But most clubbers would love to know what the yarn is going to be before they commit. I would be that person.


#2 Patterns are sooooo hard! We have great ideas and awesome designers in our shop. But it is so hard to plan the pattern with the yarn and get it out to you all correctly in a timely fashion. We have spent many a sleepless night worried that we wouldn’t get the pattern done.

#3 The yarn is the most important part. You guys really don’t care about the rest of the goodies, although they are fun to get. The yarn is the most important part of yarn club.


#4 It’s expensive to commit to 3 months at a time.  We get it!  We want the club to be as accessible as it can for our customers.  Hopefully that means more business for our hand dyers!


So, with those things in mind we have decided to change up yarn club going forward. From here on out we will be letting you know what the yarn is before you choose to join that month. You’ll see a description of the yarn and photos. This way, you’ll know if you love it. Seeing the yarn each month will also give you the chance to decide if you want more than one skein.


We’ll still give you a DYC project bag and a notion, but we won’t have patterns going forward. The patterns were just too much stress. Not enough bang for the buck so to speak.


That leads us to September’s Darn Yarn Club selection.


Click here to see the yarn.


5 Responses to “DYC is a’ changin!”

  1. Jackie Pearson says:

    Love this change!

  2. Carolyn O'Grady says:

    I actually loved the not-knowing (too few surprises in my life, I guess). But I totally understand why others might not. And I always thought you folks were amazing to manage those patterns. So yay to changes.

  3. Tess says:

    First time I’ve ordered a Yarn Club item from any store. Love seeing the beautiful 3IG yarn and will still have a surprise with the notion and bag.

  4. Mary says:

    I loved everything the old way. I like surprises. You all have good taste in yarns, patterns and goodies. I appreciate all the time and effort you spent choosing the patterns. You did an excellent job. Everyone loves my popcorn shawl. There are many clubs out there (I have tried at least 6) and this one was my favorite. I loved the bag with the yarn and the pattern. I could just grab a bag, and my needle set and go out the door. I did not think the patterns were difficult, but I can understand that others might find a challenge in some. If I know the yarn that is chosen each month, I can probably just order it online for a discount. I’m not sure I will stay.

  5. Maralee says:

    I love the changes! It was too hard to commit to three months and not know what I was getting. Yet, I still felt like I was missing out. I bought the beautiful blue and white yarn this month. You ladies always have good ideas and I know you will assist me to find pattern if I need help. Thanks for all the excellent customer service!

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