Darn Yarn Club 2.0

Yeah!  It’s back!


It took us some time to make a decision about Darn Yarn Club.  We’d heard a lot of conversations about DYC around the shop and online.  Some of you loved the surprise, some didn’t.  Some of you loved the pattern, some didn’t care.  So we thought we’d ask you and we’d let the majority rule.


We did a little survey.  If you ever joined Darn Yarn Club you got the emailed survey.

What did we find out?  Well, the results were not surprising…turns out there was no majority.  Well, not really.

51.45% of you wanted a sneak peek.
49.55% of you wanted the surprise.

46.88% of you wanted a new pattern with the yarn
7.81% of you said that you didn’t want a pattern
45.31% of you said you didn’t care either way

You get the picture.  This survey only helped us realize what we had been feeling.  That you can’t please everyone:)

You all did agree on something.  You agreed that you all wanted the option of purchasing each session separately.

Well, we’ve settled on what we think will make for a fun Darn Yarn Club going forward.

We are going to offer a quarterly club.  This club package will include a luxury yarn dyed by an exceptional hand dyer and dyed exclusively for our club.  The package will include a pattern designed specifically for this yarn and our shop. It will also include a project bag and useable notion of some kind.

We’ll deliver the club in January, April, July and October.  You can purchase the club one quarter at a time or you can purchase the entire year now.  You can be surprised, or you can have the option to get a sneak peek.

We hope you like the changes to the club.  We know that these changes will help us make a club that is the best it can be.

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