Darn Knit AnyWHERE?

Originally posted 4/7/2010

Like many people in the Midwest, I have family connections to Chetek, WI. It’s a beautiful small town that still feels like a small town.


Chetek, Wisconsin


The 4th of July parade is filled with old cars and big dump trucks. Surrounding towns send their high school bands to march and town royalty ride on floats and wave. People start putting out lawn chairs and blankets along the parade route early in the morning.


A series of very low fly overs from four old fighter planes amaze me every year. A firefighter gets raised up on a ladder truck with an American flag and we all sing the national anthem. Veterans marching with flags start the parade and I always feel proud when everyone stands up as these aging American heroes parade past.

4th of July


Max and the Firetruck


Chetek is one town on a chain of lakes. Lots of water skiing, boating, fishing and jet skiing happens on that chain of lakes on a beautiful summer day. We are lucky.


Chetek Chain of Lakes






Maddie Jumps


Driving the boat with Grandpa


Summer beer…oldstyle…


Of course, there are bars and churches—quite a few actually‚but more interesting to the people reading this blog…there is also a yarn and fabric shop: Elly’s Sheared Sheep, it’s right on the parade route! They have tons of quilting fabrics and a decent supply of yarn. Enough to keep you going on a rainy weekend.


Why am I rambling about this small town? Well, in addition to the amazing things I have noted above, Chetek is home to the Chetek Alert, a newspaper that has been published continuously since 1882. Wow! In addition to articles about local politics and business, birth announcements and obituaries, there is always a section describing the goings on at the local nursing home: Bingo winners, family visitors and special outings. A popular section in the paper is the police blotter. There is frequently a call to police dispatch about a raccoon or squirrel that just won’t stay away from bird feeders, horses on the road, or someone calling in about seeing a person peeing where they shouldn’t.


Another cool thing that the Chetek Alert does is publish photos from readers. Photos that are of the reader, somewhere in the world, and include a copy of the paper. Like this one…


Chetek Alert Photo


I figure, this paper has been around since 1882, so they must know something about marketing. Right? Well we are going to borrow this idea from the Chetek Alert. So here’s the deal…


Get a Darn Knit Anyway canvas bag—they are available at the shop for $5.
Go somewhere…
Take your picture wit the bag in front of something cool!
Email the picture to me (aimee@darnknitanyway.com). I’ll post it an email you back a coupon for 20% off any one item in the shop.  Yep, interchangeable needles count!


I’ll start…here is a picture of me in fron of the Stillwater Lift Bridge. So…Darn Knit AnyWHERE?


Darn Knit – Stillwater Lift Bridge

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