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Tuesday, October 10th, 2000

University? As in school and credits?

You bet! Only this school has more perks than homework. When you enroll in DKU,


you’ll get a student ID card that qualifies you for student discounts at a bunch of
fabulous downtown Stillwater businesses. And just like other universities, you’ll
earn credits for each class you complete. But get this: each credit you earn equals $1 in
DKA shop credit,
which you can cash in at the end of the trimester!


What about the classes?

You’ll find classes in a variety of subjects, including: knit, crochet, sew, spin, felt

class slides

general electives. But it doesn’t stop there! Look for lecture series, study halls and even
professor office hours. Start with a basic “101” class, or hone your skills with a more
advanced class—we’ve got class options for freshmen to seniors! You’ll get a certificate
of completion for each class you complete, too!

So how do I apply?

Enroll for any class by either calling or emailing us, or try out our convenient new

online registration. Our first trimester runs
from September 10 to December 18. (Like any school, we’ve got some rules and reg’s…make sure you take a peek at those first!)


How do I show my school spirit?

Arrive to class in style with  Darn Knit Anyway and Darn Knit University tees,
notebooks, bags, and more…available for purchase soon online.


Additional opportunities

Un-instructed studio time

Need a machine and space to finish your sewing project? Schedule some time 1-6 hours in our classroom for $5 an hour per person. Sewing machine, rotary cutter, cutting mat, ruler, iron and ironing board available for you to use. Ages 16 and up welcome.  Younger kids welcome too for some mommy and me time!

Reserve our classroom

Looking for a fun birthday party venue to keep a bunch of pre-teens occupied; maybe making sleep masks and a pillow?

class slides

Try aFiber Fun Party!

Interested in a crafty baby shower for a best friend’s new baby; each could sew a square for a baby blanket? Want to get all the ladies in your family together for a family outing making felted beads? Need to find a place to hold a “teamwork” session for work associates? Call us and we can chat about renting out our great classroom space.