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Darn Knit AnyWHERE – Reboot

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

aimee darn knit anywhere
When we first opened the shop, we ran a fun program called Darn Knit AnyWHERE. I can’t believe that was 6 whole years ago! Wow!


Well, the time has come to bring it back with a little technology reboot because it’s easier than ever to share a picture these days!
Here are the basics…
1. Get yourself a DKA canvas tote bag (buy for $5).   Call us (651-342-1386) if you can’t get to the shop and we can ship you one!
2. Bring the bag with you when you go cool places.
3. Take a picture of the bag in one of those cool places…extra feel good points if your face is in the pic:)
4. Post the pic on our Facebook page or tag us on instagram or twitter or use the #darnknitanywhere or email it to us.


Do these 4 things and you’ll earn 20% off a day of shopping at Darn Knit Anyway, online or in store. You can tag us in as many pictures as you want, but you can only earn 1 coupon a year.


Easy huh?  So go somewhere cool and send us the pic!  Oh and you can use your Makers’ League bag in the pics too!


Here is the info from 2010 about the original program.
Here is the link to the original photos.
Here is a link to the facebook album of photos.
Here is a link to our instagram account
Here is a link to our twitter account

A Hat Fit for A Bronze Statue

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

Oliva needs a hat

We participated in a super fun project for Twinsfest.
Local Twin Cities yarn shops, knit sweaters, hats and scarves for the bronze statues of Oliva, Hrbek and Carew.  It was not a small undertaking.
It was a very fun experience that we were thrilled to be a part of.  There were some crazy people online who posted comments on news sites like “what a waste of resources, why aren’t they knitting sweaters for the homeless instead”.  I know better than to engage these people online.  I learned my lesson the hard way a few years ago, trying to educate someone who posted a nasty. (I wrote a little blog about mean people once)  One nice comment will beget another nasty one.  I choose to not engage in a comment war under an article on a website.  I prefer instead to say my piece on my own blog:)
I say to those people, chipper up peeps.  The crafting community in the Twin Cities (and around the country) donates knit, crocheted and sewn items all the time.  We are a very caring bunch.
This crafting community has given generously under the radar for decades.  We have kept warm the heads of newborn babies and cancer patients. We have made prayer shawls to cover the shoulders of people in mourning.  We make hats and scarves for foster children who need something to warm them and hang on to in times of change.  We make teddy bears and blankets for victims of domestic abuse and other tragedies.  We have food drives and raise money for our own local food shelves.  We are connected to our communities.
In addition to all of those things we do every day at local yarn stores, we also knit big gigantic sweaters, hats and scarves for bronze statues to raise awareness for Twinsfest.  An event that raises money for the Twins Community Fund.  No big whoop:)

Oliva Hat

Our task was a relatively easy one.  We only had to knit hats.  Other shops knit SWEATERS!  Yes SWEATERS for these giants.
Here are a few fun pictures of the event.  Maggie felt pretty cool because she ended up on tv!

Ready for Adventure


Maggie in Hrbeks Sweater


Twinsfest Knitters


Maggie and Carew


Maggie and Hrbek


Darn Knit Twinsfest Knitting


Darn Knit AnyWHERE Photos

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Here are the rules again…

1.  Get yourself a Darn Knit Anyway canvas bag (for sale at the shop for $5) or online here.


2.  Go somewhere


3.  Take a picture of you and the bag, your kid and the bag, your sheep and the bag… in front of something cool!


Email the picture to us, we’ll post it and send you a coupon good for 20% off any one item in the shop.  The one time coupon is good for ANYTHING in the shop.

So…Darn Knit AnyWHERE?

If you have sent me a photo and I didn’t get it up on this blog post and you want to make sure it gets added, just let me know.  I didn’t do it on purpose!

Our most up to date library of photos is on our facebook page in the Darn Knit Anywhere album!

Lucy and her Darn Knit Bag

Kirsten and the Bag

Shop Hop Darn Knit

DKA and the Smokey Mountains

DKA Biercycle

DKA Miller Park

Mary Bufflalo DKA


A Ferry to Long Island

Target Field on Opening Day

Mark and the Space Needle

Toni and the crazy troll Seattle

Holly and Nancy in Texas!

Darn Knit AnyWHERE? IN the DKA bag!

Nancy in Texas

Pat and Lisa at Carolines in NYC

Pat and new grand daughter Amelia Jane!

Darn Knit San Diego Zoo!!

Holly at the Smithsonian

Aimee Target Stadium

Darn Knit Duluth Lift Bridge

Nora 91 Leinie’s Lodge

Nora 91 – Bag facing OUT this time:)

Kaatje’s Cute Puppy!

Darn Knit Hodag

Darn Knit Las Vegas

Darn Knit AnyWhere Boston Marathon

Sandras puppy and her Zauberball!

Sara in LONDON!

Sarah in Shanghai

Darn Knit Mayo

Darn Knit Hockey Hall of Fame

Darn Knit Blue Ribbons!

Darn Knit Sidney

Darn Knit St. Thomas

Darn Knit Myrtle Beach

Darn Knit Stillwater

Darn Knit Studio!

Darn Knit Twins game!

Darn Knit Halloween

Darn Knit Megan

Darn Knit big row boat?

Darn Knit Canada

Nora 91 in oregon


Darn Knit AnyWHERE?

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Originally posted 4/7/2010

Like many people in the Midwest, I have family connections to Chetek, WI. It’s a beautiful small town that still feels like a small town.


Chetek, Wisconsin


The 4th of July parade is filled with old cars and big dump trucks. Surrounding towns send their high school bands to march and town royalty ride on floats and wave. People start putting out lawn chairs and blankets along the parade route early in the morning.


A series of very low fly overs from four old fighter planes amaze me every year. A firefighter gets raised up on a ladder truck with an American flag and we all sing the national anthem. Veterans marching with flags start the parade and I always feel proud when everyone stands up as these aging American heroes parade past.

4th of July


Max and the Firetruck


Chetek is one town on a chain of lakes. Lots of water skiing, boating, fishing and jet skiing happens on that chain of lakes on a beautiful summer day. We are lucky.


Chetek Chain of Lakes






Maddie Jumps


Driving the boat with Grandpa


Summer beer…oldstyle…


Of course, there are bars and churches—quite a few actually‚but more interesting to the people reading this blog…there is also a yarn and fabric shop: Elly’s Sheared Sheep, it’s right on the parade route! They have tons of quilting fabrics and a decent supply of yarn. Enough to keep you going on a rainy weekend.


Why am I rambling about this small town? Well, in addition to the amazing things I have noted above, Chetek is home to the Chetek Alert, a newspaper that has been published continuously since 1882. Wow! In addition to articles about local politics and business, birth announcements and obituaries, there is always a section describing the goings on at the local nursing home: Bingo winners, family visitors and special outings. A popular section in the paper is the police blotter. There is frequently a call to police dispatch about a raccoon or squirrel that just won’t stay away from bird feeders, horses on the road, or someone calling in about seeing a person peeing where they shouldn’t.


Another cool thing that the Chetek Alert does is publish photos from readers. Photos that are of the reader, somewhere in the world, and include a copy of the paper. Like this one…


Chetek Alert Photo


I figure, this paper has been around since 1882, so they must know something about marketing. Right? Well we are going to borrow this idea from the Chetek Alert. So here’s the deal…


Get a Darn Knit Anyway canvas bag—they are available at the shop for $5.
Go somewhere…
Take your picture wit the bag in front of something cool!
Email the picture to me ( I’ll post it an email you back a coupon for 20% off any one item in the shop.  Yep, interchangeable needles count!


I’ll start…here is a picture of me in fron of the Stillwater Lift Bridge. So…Darn Knit AnyWHERE?


Darn Knit – Stillwater Lift Bridge