Carly’s 40 this time!

Our Amazing Carly

If we’re lucky, we get to turn 40.
This time it’s Carly’s turn.
So, in typical DKA fashion, we are having a party!
Coffee and donuts for our lovely birthday girl.  Oh and a sale too.
We’re doing a grab bag of discounts from 10am – 1pm.  Pick your discount from a grab bag…they’ll range from 15% to 40%.  Again, this discount deal is only from 10 – 1!
We’ll also have 40% off great sale stuff in the classroom and 40% off ALL fabric ALL day.   Yep!  Spring cleaning has begun.
So, we’ll see you on Saturday, March 30th.  If you wish to wish Carly a happy birthday in person, and why the heck wouldn’t you, you’ll have to make it to us between 10 and 1.  Cause we’re making her work on her Big Day!
Plus…that’s when the donuts will be freshest.
New to DKA and don’t really know much about Carly yet…she’s been here since the beginning…read here!

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6 Responses to “Carly’s 40 this time!”

  1. Millie Wilcox says:

    Carly have a great birthday. Enjoy every minute. Sorry I can’t be there with all of you, but I am definitely NOT ready for your snow so I’ll see you when I get back next month. Happy birthday!!

  2. Enid Mary Shaw says:

    Felicitations, Carly
    have a great day

  3. Patty Ogborn says:


    May God bless you with many more celebrations of your birth!


  4. Karen says:

    Happy 40th, Carly. Welcome to the new decade! It’s a good one.

  5. Bruce Stipe says:

    Our Dearest Carly -> We have had the pleasure of Loving you for Fourty years! Great Fun!
    Thanks for making us smile & laugh & sharing your children & teaching us to knit!
    You have always been young at heart do not change! Love Dad & Mom

  6. Sandra Brick says:

    Happy Birthday have an great day full of friends, family, fun and FIBER(and not the oat brand type that happens when you are even older)!

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