It is a good thing this design is so darn cute or I might just have to say forget it.   The numbers on this thing are really far off.  Must not have done much test knitting for this pattern.  Makes me think about how hard it is to find a very well written pattern.  Wonder why?  It’s kind of a bummer to spend money on a pattern that isn’t right.  Oh well…onward and upward.

I have decided (with help from some other March knitters) that I am going to rip out the sleeve and start the decreases immediately.   Look how big it is.  Really?

Gigantic Sleeve

I am ripping now…do you hear it?  The sound of me weeping?  Actually, had  I started this sweater with a good attitude maybe I would be done by now.  I spent the first 10 days complaining.  Live and learn.
One of my lovely customers kindly pointed out that it is 12 in 12…so technically I have until Dec 31st to finish this right?  Right?

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3 Responses to “3/28/2011”

  1. Dusty says:

    That’s, uhm, quite a sleeve… I’m simply in awe at the motivation to knit 12 in 12!

  2. Jackie says:

    Feel better! I started my first ever adult-sized sweater for my mom in January. I wasn’t that excited about it, but I got to the collar and was thrilled to be almost done. Then my best friend’s cat ate it. We’re talking enormous (read: the most professional knitter ever would cry) holes. I haven’t had the strength to rip it out yet and it’s been a month. You’re stronger than I am. You can do it! 🙂

  3. Anna says:

    See, I’m “virtually” knitting your sweaters, so yeah there will be some issues with the maths & lack of test knitters. I would jump right in & fix this, but sweater knitting gives me the heebie-jeebies!

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